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2009-04-22 15:09:03 by Runaaway22

Hello!! I'm Runaaway!!

I'm so happy because here I am, in Newgrounds!! I have seen more flash in here, and I will try to do some shorts or movies! But I'm a new flash user.. and I am so slow making a movie... T.T

Anyway, I'll make more flashes and all of you will see them!!

Bye!! ^.^



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2009-04-22 15:51:29

Good luck with flash.

Have a nice day.

Runaaway22 responds:

Thanks!! ^^


2009-05-07 17:18:11

Welcome! Already like your style, and I enjoyed the trailer animation you made (even if it was a bit cliche >.>), keep it up!


2009-05-07 17:32:48

Hi I saw the trailer you made

was very cool, keep practicing and you'll only get better^^

Linkin Park was good choice too, they're one of my favourite bands